Support & Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

The third phase – Post-SAP implementation – is what happens after the new SAP system has gone “live”.

If your company is a small and medium enterprise (SME), you will definitely need an experienced IT team to keep your SAP system running smoothly after implementation. If your company is a large enterprise, you may need external SAP technical experts and functional experts to support your internal IT team.

WCS offers a SAP Operational Support and Maintenance (OSM) programme that makes it so easy to manage complex IT landscapes and across different SAP solutions. No matter how your software is deployed, whether on premise, in the cloud or in a hybrid landscape – you can expect nothing less than superior support from our team.

Run Your Business Better With WCS Support & Maintenance

We help you create competitive advantage by delivering market-leading SAP solutions and the best businesses-focused support.
To keep your company’s SAP system in good shape and updated with new releases, WCS offers two levels of operational support and maintenance (OSM) – Annual Technical Support and Application Management Support.


Annual Technical Support (ATS)

The OSM-ATS programme is a SAP Enterprise Support package to be purchased with the SAP license purchase (renewable yearly). This basic technical support will:

  • Provide prompt and reliable response to technical disruptions
    Get round-the-clock support for mission-critical business processes and access to SAP Service Marketplace and SAP Notes – both online support portals for SAP end-users.
  • Keep SAP systems up and running with regular systems health check and maintenance.
  • Check your SAP system for any systems integrity issues
    Verify with these diagnostic tools - SAP Early Watch Check, Total Quality Check for Implementation, SAP Going-Live Check services, SAP OS/OB Migration Check and Total Quality Check for business processes performance optimization.
  • Get FREE 24/7 online access to SAP Enterprise Support Portal
    This means getting latest software updates as well as expert support from the SAP support advisory center, and access to SAP Solution Manager and SAP Enterprise Support Academy - an online learning platform.

Application Maintenance Support (AMS)

Outsource all or part of your support and maintenance needs to a highly skilled SAP consultant support team from Wilmar Consultancy Services.
The OSM-AMS programme offers SMEs and Enterprises extended maintenance and support services to manage the maintenance, enhancements, release management and application updates. Every AMS programme will be customised according to your maintenance requirements so you only pay for what you need.
The OSM-AMS is available as an add-on service and can be purchased separately.



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