SAP Implementation

SAP Implementation

The second phase – Accelerated SAP Implementation – is where our team will collaborate with your company to embed your business processes onto the SAP platform.

Identifying the right SAP Solutions

Wilmar Consultancy Services offers a suite of proven SAP solutions to suit different needs.
After a thorough review of the business feasibility study, we may recommend SAP solutions based on your business pain points and requirements.
Our comprehensive solutions include the following:

Forming Project Team

Much care is put into forming the project team as members will be the key drivers behind successful SAP implementation. They include project managers (one each from WCS and client), WCS consultants, quality assurance manager and end-user representatives for every business process.
Project ownership will be greatly enhanced if the Project Steering Committee comprising key decision makers overseeing the project team has representatives from senior management.

Implementation Approach

Our SAP implementation process is clear and systematic. It occurs in five stages:

  • Project preparation (from defining project goals to forming project teams)
  • Development of business blueprint (defining business processes)
  • Realization (systems setup)
  • Final preparation (from final systems check to end-user training)
  • Go Live and Support



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