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Our Services

WCS Offers Hassle-Free SAP Implementation

Enterprises, regardless of their size, often resist any major IT systems overhaul for fear of budget over-runs, lack of internal technical expertise and strong internal resistance to change. Our goal at Wilmar Consultancy Services (WCS) is to get your SAP system up and running in the shortest time. And we make sure the SAP implementation meets your business goals by utilising the right IT Solutions.
WCS will manage the entire SAP implementation process: from preparation, business blueprint and design to testing, go live and post-implementation support. Our team of experienced SAP consultants adopt the Accelerated SAP implementation approach, follow SAP Best Practices and utilise proven tools and templates - to get your SAP system running smoothly from day one.

How WCS can add value to your SAP implementation

As our customer, you will benefit from our WCS Value Plus services – a combination of SAP best practices, choice of rapid deployment solutions, industry expertise, and add-on solutions including business analytics, business templates and localised Indonesia reports - to suit your specific business IT needs.

Our Methodology

At WCS, we try to make things simple. Our SAP Implementation Methodology is divided into three broad phases.


The first phase – Consulting and Business Advisory – begins with understanding your business first.


The second phase – Accelerated SAP Implementation – is where our team will collaborate with your company to design a project implementation plan.


The third phase – Post-SAP implementation – is what happens after the new SAP system has gone “live” and is up and running. If your company is a small and medium enterprise (SME), you will definitely need an experienced IT team to keep your SAP system running smoothly after implementation.



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