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Cost control is a major concern for small and medium-sized mining companies in Indonesia and worldwide. With volatile commodity prices and rising operational and capital costs, it is increasingly difficult for smaller mining companies to stay profitable. As a small and medium-sized mining company, you need to find a way to run your business efficiently – and at lower cost.

The WCS Smarter-Mining Solution from Wilmar Consultancy Services (WCS) is a preconfigured ERP solution designed to help small and medium-sized mining companies run their core business processes efficiently and seamlessly, and as one unified system.

With the WCS SAP mining solution, you can streamline and integrate major business processes. These include project management, fleet maintenance, fuel management, asset management, procurement, inventory management, production and financial management. You can prevent delays and bottlenecks with better communication of critical business data throughout the company.

What is in the WCS SAP Smarter-Mining Solution?

Our SAP mining specialists recognise that mining owners and mining contractors face different business challenges. As such, we have developed two unique SAP mining solutions:

  • WCS Smarter-Mining for Mining Contractor
  • A SAP mining solution that includes specific feature to manage fuel management, tire management and project management processes so mining contractors can monitor material usage levels and project costs quickly and make better business decisions.

  • WCS Smarter-Mining for Mining Owners
  • A SAP mining solution that includes software tools to manage production routing, production stock movement, mine planning and scheduling processes. It will provide mining owners with vital information to manage production, stockpiling as well as costs of mineral extraction and processing efficiently.

Overview of WCS Smarter-Mining Solution

How does WCS SAP Smarter-Mining Solution benefit companies?

Our mining management solution will enhance your operations in a number of ways:

  • Integrate the entire mining value chain so you will have a single source of information about your company where you can draw strategic insights
  • Streamline all business processes, from mining and processing, plant maintenance, transportation, sales and marketing to procurement, customer contract management and project management
  • Better manage an increasingly complex mining supply chain
  • Enhance company efforts in promoting environment sustainability and safety compliance
  • Get real-time visibility into mining assets to maximise uptime and return on investment
  • Enhance profitability through efficient handling of sales and supplier contracts, fuel and tire costs, equipment and project management costs.

Why do companies prefer WCS SAP Smarter-Mining Solution?

Small and medium-sized mining companies prefer WCS as their SAP solutions provider because of our deep industry experience in natural resources and implementing SAP in the commodity sector. Ideal for startups and small to mid-sized mining enterprises looking for a cost-effective business management solution to manage costs, coordinate supply chain processes and enhance client relationships.

Other industry solutions from WCS: Agribusiness, Discrete Manufacturing, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Engineering, Construction and Operations (EC&O).

How is WCS Smarter-Mining Solution implemented?

Our SAP consultants will adopt Smart Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) for customers who wish to implement the WCS Smarter-Mining Solution quickly and at guaranteed fixed costs of implementation. The rapid method of implementation is based on preconfigured processes and applications. For customers who prefer a fully customisable SAP mining solution, our team will implement it using traditional methods.


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