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Industries - Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies face constant pressures to stay lean and profitable. Outdated computer systems can no longer support expanded business processes. And timely information on consumer buying trends is needed to produce the right products to meet changing demands.

Only an integrated business management system like the WCS Smart-FMCG Solution which is built on the award-winning SAP Business All-in-One can synchronise your business processes – and provide real-time business insights anytime.

The WCS Smart-FMCG Solution provides clear visibility into the entire business supply chain - from sourcing and procurement, production management and inventory control to sales and distribution, cash flow analysis and consumer demand. The solution makes shelf-life tracking and batch monitoring easier with its real-time data processing capability.


Overview of WCS Smart-FMCG Solution

How does WCS Smart-FMCG Solution benefit companies?

WCS FMCG business management software delivers tangible business value to FMCG companies in the following ways:

  • Get real-time insights into how your business is run
    Benefit from business process efficiency, faster time-to-market, lower operational costs and procurement compliance.
  • Enable end-to-end integration of all business processes
    Workflow is streamlined: from sourcing and procurement, production and inventory control, sales and marketing to distribution and financials, product lifecycle management and quality control.
  • Know your company’s vital financial statistics
    Manage your cash flow and monitor your budget accurately, and improve all financial processes.
  • Ensure products meet market demand
    Develop a responsive supply chain that integrates logistics and fulfillment, warehousing, transportation and distribution.
  • Produce accurate and timely financial reports that comply with accounting standards

Why do FMCG companies prefer WCS Smart-FMCG Solution?

FMCG companies of all sizes prefer WCS Smart-FMCG business management solution because of its reputation in delivering value-added solutions, quality service and speed of implementation. Our consultants have vast experiences in implementing SAP for our parent company, Wilmar International – Asia’s leading agribusiness group.

Other industry solutions from WCS: Agribusiness, Discrete Manufacturing, Engineering, Construction and Operations (EC&O) and Mining.

How is WCS Smart-FMCG Solution implemented?

Depending on your business requirements, you can either choose Smart Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) or the traditional method to deploy the WCS Smart-FMCG Solution.

Your SAP system will be up and running in weeks instead of months when deployed with our Smart Rapid Deployment Solutions as the processes are preconfigured and pre-packaged for easy installation. The traditional method of implementation will benefit enterprises who require extensive customisation of their business processes.


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