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Large-scale construction and engineering projects are complex and risky. Any project delays or budget over-runs will reduce profit margins, and poor project visibility owing to disparate business processes can significantly increase financial risk. Engineering, construction and operation (EC&O) companies will try to avoid this by putting a tight lid on expenditures over materials, tools, equipment and labour.

Unfortunately, many construction and engineering companies still rely on outdated IT or legacy systems to run their operations. What is needed: an efficient, integrated business management system like WCS Smarter-EC&O Solution to manage projects on time and on budget.

The WCS Smarter-EC&O Solution from Wilmar Consultancy Services (WCS) is a preconfigured, customisable business management solution built on industry best practices and designed to help construction, engineering and real estate companies manage their projects efficiently and on budget.


Overview of WCS Smarter-EC&O Solution

How does WCS Smarter-EC&O Solution benefit companies?

EC&O companies that use SAP solutions consistently tend to outperform their competitors as a result of lower costs and more efficient use of resources. WCS Smarter-EC&O solution offers excellent business value. It can:

  • Deliver more timely, accurate and competitive bids
  • Analyse unified data across departments using advanced tools

  • Lower financial risk
  • Bid estimates are computed based on real costs and margins

  • Integrate both project and business process systems into one project-centric interface to better manage the entire project lifecycle
  • You are in better control of project planning and design, procurement and inventory, project execution, finance and budgeting, and human resources planning

  • Access real-time information about every aspect of business operations
  • Be confident of making better informed business decisions

  • Optimise asset usage, operations and maintenance
  • Boost overall efficiency and productivity

  • Enable smoother collaboration across project teams
  • Your business runs better as processes are now integrated under one unified system

  • Provide timely and accurate financial reports
  • To improve decision-making and risk management


Why do EC&O companies prefer WCS Smarter-EC&O Solution?

Leading EC&O companies take advantage of SAP technology to better manage project finances, equipment usage and streamline operations. The WCS EC&O business management solution is your best choice because of our deep industry experience and track record in implementing multiple SAP projects for our customers and our parent company, Wilmar International, Asia’s leading agribusiness group.

Other industry solutions from WCS: Agribusiness, Discrete Manufacturing, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Mining.

How is WCS Smarter-EC&O Solution implemented?

WCS SAP consultants are skilled in either the Smart Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) or the traditional method of implementing the EC&O business management solution.

Depending on your business needs, you may choose to deploy the WCS Smarter-EC&O Solution quickly - and at pre-determined cost using the RDS approach which is based on preconfigured processes and applications. The traditional method is best suited for enterprises who require deep customisation of their business processes.


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